Stacy Hughes on staff retention, return and the NHC family.

Stacy Hughes, a long-time staff member of the Nganampa Health team, has shed some light on the high rates of retention and staff returning to the NHC workforce.

“Working as Personnel Coordinator for Nganampa Health for the past eight years has given me a unique, interesting and intimate insight into the comings and goings of employees. Currently, almost half of all full-time staff are eligible for Long Service Leave, an extraordinary figure for a remote area health service. Many of our staff have worked for us for over 20 years and having this knowledge base makes working in our environment easier for new staff.”

“None of our achievements would have occurred without dedicated staff. Recognising this, Nganampa Health has a reputation for creatively finding ways of retaining staff and allowing staff to move into new roles. As a result, many Nganampa Health staff who do leave eventually come back. Most of our program staff are nursing staff who have previously worked in a clinical role, for example.  This is a testament to the Nganampa Health difference: a truly unique and satisfying career opportunity.”

Even Stacy herself has returned to the Nganampa Health workforce. “I have a long association with Nganampa Health first starting in 1999 relieving in a purchasing role, then returning for further stints in 2000 and 2001.  The desert and Nganampa Health were never far from my heart and mind though and when the Personnel Coordinator position was advertised in 2009, I thought it was a great opportunity to return. It was heart-warming to see so many staff I knew from eight years previously who were still working for Nganampa Health. Returning to the office felt like coming ‘home’ to a ‘family’ – our long-term Indigenous receptionist greeted me with a warm hug.”

With such a supportive environment, it’s no wonder NHC’s employees keep coming back!

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  1. What a lovely insight to the NHC workforce. Ive just applied for a position. I’ll have to get more friends to cross their fingers for me to be part of your team. I am inspired by your family type work environment. Well done and I truly hope i can someday be part of this wonderful long term NHC experience. kate

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