Working on the APY Lands for Nganampa Health Council: Four financial benefits and one important reminder!


We’re proud of our people, and we know they don’t turn up for the perks. However, working remotely can be an incredibly challenging career and life choice, so we’re pleased to be able to provide financial and other benefits that are hard to come by elsewhere. 


  1. Financial rewards

For many of our roles working on the APY Lands, our people receive higher remuneration than they would in a similar role in a more mainstream context. For example, a nurse who has been working for a couple of years with Nganampa Health Council can earn over $180,000 per annum including superannuation and overtime allowances, while a full time Personal Carer at our Aged Care Facility can earn over $100,000 per annum including overtime and superannuation. We also offer salary packaging, which allows you to make a substantial amount of your salary tax free.


  1. Fewer bills!

People who working for us on the APY Lands live in rent-free, fully furnished housing, and have their electricity, Internet and telephone line paid for by us.


  1.  More holidays!

We operate in a remote location, meaning that you can be quite isolated from friends and family. And our day to day work can be intense and challenging. To help make things easier, our staff working on the APY Lands benefit from nine weeks of annual leave, and we assist with the travel costs.


  1. Relocation assistance  

To help you make the move, we provide support with relocation, both at the commencement and conclusion of employment (provided you have worked for a year).


One important reminder: The money’s not the thing!

Make no mistake – if you decide to try this career path mainly for financial reasons, we promise you that it won’t work out. Our people are united by our desire to make a difference and that is what keeps us going. We embrace the unique challenges we face and we understand the power of every small step. 


That said, it’s great to be able to reward our people, and help make their lives a little easier!

You can meet some of our staff here.

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  1. I would really love to work on the APY lands. I have a cert 111 in disability. Do you have any jobs suitable for me?

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