“I thought I’d do it for a year… well, the rest is history!”

Meet some of our fantastic people at NHC!



We’ve said it time and time again – our people truly are our greatest strength! With a diverse community of professionals in a wide range of roles, there is no doubt we are proud of our people and their desire to make a real difference.

From locum or ongoing remote nursing roles to personal care attendants and account managers, NHC is built on people who ‘embrace the real challenge’. From a variety of backgrounds, the team is bound together by their experiences here on the APY Lands. Meet some of our incredible people as they share their stories with us



Meet Bernie: Coming from an indigenous background, Bernie now works as Remote Area Nurse at NHC. In the challenging role of remote area nursing, Bernie says she loves her job – “We’re all supported by management and empowered to do the best we can for our communities.”

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Meet Fortunate: “The work is never boring!” Remote Area nurse, Fortunate can’t imagine going back to working in one department and dealing with one type of medical condition again. People come to NHC to embrace the real challenge and Fortunate agrees no two days are the same.

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Meet Marg: Seven years into her NHC career, Marg still can’t imagine going anywhere else. “We get paid more money, have excellent housing and recreational leave every 12 weeks.” In her role as a Personal Care Attendant, Marg has made close friendships describing NHC as one of the most friendly and generous companies you could ask for.

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Meet Yvonne:It feels very rewarding to know that I played a part in that success!” After 25 years, Account Manager Yvonne isn’t planning on going anywhere. Recommending NHC as a great community to work in, she shares how her role at NHC taught her to have empathy, compassion and embrace the differences between cultures.

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Meet Sally: Having spent five years with NHC, Sally loves what she does and the people around her. She has forged lasting bonds with her colleagues, who, to her, really are family.  “I thought I’d do it for a year… Well, the rest is history.”

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Meet Zibeon: Zibeon joined Nganampa Health only a couple of years after leaving high school. Now in his fourth year with the organisation, Zibeon has completed a Certificate IV in Primary Health Care and is close to completing his Nursing degree. Zibeon is a true success story and believes the culture at NHC has fostered his training and development – “We all get through the day together!” He’s also a social media superstar – his story went viral when posted on facebook recently!

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Meet Lee: “I find people assume it’s red, flat and dry out here, but it’s not! I love this country and the people. It’s beautiful in this area. You can’t beat the fresh air and no traffic!” For Lee, it was the unique combination of the environment, role, team and learning that brought her back to Nganampa Health in 2013 after a 9 year break from her 13 years there.

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Meet David: “Something I love seeing at NHC is how much experience our clinic nurses have. Having people like that out here really helps us do great work every day.” David is quick to encourage people to join NHC, but stresses that as Nganampa Health’s success lies in its team, people must first be sure they have the right traits and perspective needed to play a part in the vital work that’s done every day.

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Our people are united by our desire to make a difference and celebrate every small step. Sound like you? Express your interest for ongoing or Locum roles with Nganampa Health here.