Living remotely can be an incredibly rewarding experience… and is one that our people grab with both hands

Located on the APY Lands, NHC offers a unique career experience with the opportunity to see a different side of Australia.

There’s no doubt that the key motivation for what we do is to make a real difference in primary health care. However, there are other benefits, and while living remotely isn’t for everyone, our people love it! Here’s why.



A different way of life

For many, ‘remote’ could mean 20 minutes from a major city centre but in outback Australia it means big, big distances and, generally, smaller populations. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience a different environment away from the hustle and bustle of busy towns and cities and the everyday distractions of urban life.

Experience Indigenous culture

A heightened awareness of Indigenous culture and a sensitivity to appropriate interaction with Indigenous communities comes with the territory, and for NHC, is a priority when improving the health care in this region. Our people are not tourists or missionaries – they understand and respect the communities we serve.

Unique landscapes and the great outdoors

The landscapes are unique to what you can experience anywhere else in the world with the APY Lands home to the Musgrave, Everard and Mann Ranges. People who enjoy outdoor activities can embrace living on the lands with enthusiasm.

Health Worker and Nursing Student, Lee Lawrie says “I find people assume it’s red, flat and dry out here, but it’s not! I love this country and the people. It’s beautiful in this area. You can’t beat the fresh air and no traffic!”

A 2-minute commute?

Finally, for many NHC people, working on the APY lands means leaving home at 8:58am to get to work at 9am! While this obviously isn’t the reason to do this work, it’s certainly a perk of the job!

If you are looking to experience a different side of Australia and embrace the challenges and rewards of living and working remotely, express your interest in working with us here: