Pirpantji Rive-Nelson – University of Queensland Student Doctor MD IV

For many residents of the APY Lands it can be difficult to undertake tertiary level education. In general, if students want to study they are relocated to a foreign environment far from their friends and family. Not to mention, it can be very expensive!

NHC introduced the Anangu Study Scholarship as a way to make tertiary education a bit easier for our people and ultimately to maximise the number of Anangu staff that we employ. 

Pirpantji Rive-Nelson is currently in his final year of a Doctor of Medicine program with the University of Queensland, completing his clinical years in the Toowoomba Rural Clinical School.

I chose this program at the University of Queensland because it is highly ranked on international and domestic scales. Additionally, I have previously studied in Brisbane for my Bachelor of Nursing undergraduate degree, so it made sense to return to Brisbane.

I applied for the NHC student scholarship during my Nursing undergraduate and have been provided financial support with my accommodation. Studying at University is an extremely difficult time with little income. Therefore, I have maximised the opportunity for support from our health care provider.

The benefit of receiving NHC student scholarship is that it has given me the basics of life in terms of stable accommodation. This support has been invaluable and enables to me to focus on completing my studies. I have been most grateful for the support NHC has provided me, and once I complete my studies and work in Alice Springs Hospital in 2019, I plan to fulfil my personal notion of return of service to our communities and people of the APY Lands. I sincerely hope other Anangu will pursue academia and health professions, so we can be a part of the provision of health care for our families and people.