2017 Highlights at NHC


We have had a busy, productive year here at NHC! We are so proud of our people for their professionalism, commitment and for their focus on our vision to make a real difference on the frontline of primary health care for Indigenous Australians. Here are a few highlights from 2017:

2,500 vaccines administered to fight Meningococcal Bacterial Infection

After an outbreak of a potentially deadly strain of Meningococcal Bacterial Infection, Nganampa Health was challenged to provide vaccines to our entire population, in a very short time. To date, approximately 2,500 vaccines have been administered, with immunisation rates in the APY lands being just as high as anywhere in Australia. We could not have achieved this without the support of our staff and our partner agencies for the assistance they provided.

Any resident who has not had their immunisation should visit one of our clinics.

Record number of comprehensive health checks and care plans

In 2017, our staff completed a record number of comprehensive health checks and care plans. Their commitment and perseverance in ensuring better primary health care makes a real impact on our community, and we are so proud to see that this figure is continuing to grow.








Better Management of Eye Disease

The APY Lands have extremely high rates of Diabetes which causes Diabetic Retinopathy – a major eye health problem. Our Eye Health Nurse is now using a retinal camera to take eye images that are transmitted to, and reported on by, an external ophthalmologist. This has already improved our patient management and has resulted in higher screening rates.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking

Our Tackling Indigenous Smoking program has had an increased focus on providing intensive support to people who want to quit smoking, and has targeted key groups including antenatal women. Results have been encouraging, with some evidence showing that providing this support is leading to successful quit attempts.

We would like to encourage any Anangu who want to give up smoking to visit a Nganampa Health Council clinic.

 With some important milestones reached this year, we are looking forward to what we can achieve in 2018. Together with our team of hardworking and committed professionals, we are striving for continuous improvement on the frontline of healthcare for Indigenous Australians.