FAQs for potential candidates

Q: What is the “Nganampa Health Difference”?

A: The Nganampa Health Difference is a term we use to describe the experience that is on offer when you’re working at NHC. We strive to empower people to make a difference on the frontline of primary healthcare for Indigenous Australians. Working and living remotely can be challenging but our people tell us that this is where their sense of fulfilment comes from! They also value the learning culture at NHC, our professional practice and processes, and the support that they feel we provide, to give them what they and their patients need. You will feel a part of our close, collaborative community and have the opportunity to make a direct impact on our communities! The work we do really improves the lives of the communities we work for. Read more about our accomplishments in the regions here

Q: What are some of the benefits of working for NHC?

A: In return for your professionalism, commitment and care, Nganampa Health brings you a truly unique and satisfying career opportunity. We offer excellent financial rewards and the chance to develop a remarkable skill set and experience a different side to Australia. Working remotely can be challenging, so we’re pleased to be able to provide great financial benefits. For example, people working for us on the APY lands tend to earn a higher salary than they would in more mainstream contexts, and they live in rent-free, fully furnished housing with paid electricity, internet and phone line. Please note though – the real benefit is making a difference in the community so if money is your only motivation, you won’t last long!

Q: What if I am not looking for a permanent role?

A: A Locum role could be for you! With highly competitive remuneration and the flexibility of a fly-in-fly-out locum role you can have the opportunity to make a positive impact and also spend time with your family back home. The level of flexibility and diversity offered by these positions means that there is still autonomy in the services you can provide and you’re not limited to supporting only one particular patient type. In all our roles at NHC, you can work with everyone from newborns to the elderly and see all kinds of medical conditions including emergencies, elderly issues, chronic disease as well as the opportunity to provide health advice and disease prevention.

Q: What qualifications or skills do I need to have?

A: NHC employs people in roles from nurses, doctors and aboriginal health workers to personal carer’s at our aged care facility and corporate staff in environmental health, logistics and finance. All of our people come to NHC with a diverse range of skills and we are always in support for people who want to further their education even more! If you have the relevant qualifications listed in our job ads and a particular interest or passion within the areas NHC covers, then please get in touch with us.

Our people all share the desire to make a real difference on the frontline of primary health, whether working directly with clients or in the office. Our people are professional, committed and really care.

Q:  What positions are currently available?

A: Please see our current opportunities page for positions that are currently advertised.  If you don’t see a suitable position right now, you can also express your interest by contacting us hereIf you want to find out more about the different career opportunities at NHC, read some of our staff stories and hear about their journey so far!

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  1. Kia ora. Im here in NZ am wondering about caregiver positions at your aged care facility.
    Regards Raewyn

    1. Hi Raewyn,

      We currently don’t have any positions available. However, you can express your interest for a Personal Care Attendant position here.

      Thank you for your interest in joining us!

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